once upon a time…

in the wonderful land of Mathmatics, there lived a beauiful princess. Her name was Petunia and she was hungry! But not just any food would do. Oh no. Princess Petunia needed Rainbow Salad! She lived at the top of the castle tower and was too tired to run up and down the 20 stories (10 in the tower and 20 in the dungeon) to gather the necessary ingredients.

“I’ll save you!” shouted our handsome hero from the tower gate. Sir Newton arrived just in time to gather the ingredients to satiate our fair princess. But alas! how would he know where to go?

“there are clues hidden around to show you what floor to go to !” shouted the Princess helpfully…

And so my munchkins set off to learn about the number line. I know it may be too early to introduce negative numbers, but my mom suggested teaching it vertically and then I had the idea of a castle tower, and mostly I couldn’t resist. They had fun and it was a good math day.

Next Friday will be “Joseph in Egypt pt. 1″…


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3 responses to “once upon a time…

  1. Karen Olsen

    I love it! How creative are you! So proud of you…

  2. Karen Olsen

    I love it! How creative are you! So proud of you… what a great mom

  3. It’s never too early to introduce something is my motto! You are amazing! This is a great idea and I think we’ll use a castle too! Sure hope you keep up with this blog so we can see into your wonderful life and what you all are doing to keep busy!

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