soccer mom.

So it’s official. I had a mom right of passage. My little boy had his first soccer game, and it was great. I talked with my friend (her little boy is in the picture above) most of the time and randomly yelled very unhelpful things at my oh-so-tolerant husband (who had been volunteered by me to help out) the rest of the time. It’s hard not to kibitz but I’m going to work on letting go. Letting go of Garyn doing everything right and being interested in the game from start to finish. Letting go of his team winning (I think they officially lost 37-0). Letting go of getting the perfect pictures. But the awesome thing when you let go, is that it frees your hands for other things. Like high fiving him after the game because he was so excited to have kicked the ball once. Like handing him his water bottle before he decided that he did want to play after all and wanted to get back in the game. And hugging him after he got accidentally smacked in the nose while running in the pack of kids chasing the ball (if you haven’t ever seen a 5-year-old soccer game…you should…it’s awesome).


Mini cleats and mini shin gaurds and shorts that are too long. I think this is my favorite part of him playing soccer.

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