black heels

Black High Heels to Tractor Wheels

This book really made me smile. I love that she is sarcastic but not mean, sophisticated but does really klutsy stuff, and is beautiful and put together but has a serious nervous sweating problem. So to sum up…I love that she is a real person who leads an unusual but believebale life. And right after she had her baby and was nursing and her cowboy brother-in-law said that she really didn’t want to get sour bag (I’m guessing a female cow problem) I laughed out loud. seriously. for like 5 minutes. I’ve loved her blog for a while and it was really fun to get to know a bit of her back story. It also helps that we both homeschool our kids, know how much it sucks to be an adult child watching your parents divorce, and have dabbled with being vegitarian.  She is a woman I’d want to spend Labor Day with. Hanging out, chatting over good food and occaisionally yelling at a pack of kids and babies running around.

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