my mother-in-law and bananas

I love my mother-in-law. There are lots of reasons, but right now it’s because she taught me that banana bread can be made as muffins. Gasp! I know! it has been truly life changing for me. So because I had bananas dying a slow death on my counter and it’s been way too long (read 2 weeks) since we had these, I thought I’d share. My favorite thing about these is that they can be almost healthy or totally decadent depending on how you tweak the recipe. This batch was on the healthy side. Whole wheat flour, sucanat for sugar, coconut oil instead of butter and chopped walnuts / chia seeds / sesame seeds mixed in.  But I couldn’t resist a few chocolate chips on top…they have antioxidents right?

Don’t you love when a kid is trained well enough that when you ask “Do you want to lick the bowl?” the immediate and enthustiastic answer is “YES!!!” ? He didn’t even ask what I was making…and it really didn’t matter.




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2 responses to “my mother-in-law and bananas

  1. Karen

    love the muffin photos…nice lighting. your blogs make me smile and feel so glad that you are my amazing daughter…

  2. crochetdragon5

    thanks mama =)

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