before and after pt. 2…

Ok so I love having little sisters. I really love that they have wonderful fashion sense and cute clothes. I really really love when they clean out their closets and let me dig through and steal stuff. Thanks Brenna for letting me have this super cute tank to turn into a dress for Naomi…so the before:

and the after:

This turned out amazingly perfect. Serendipitous actually. I was thinking I’d have to pull it apart and re-piece everything, but turned out all I had to do was fold the back, add 2 seams on the sides of the bodice, and a seam across the top of the back section. And there was a zipper on the left side seam that is still functional. I seriously did a happy dance before church. Then I realized that I had a bow that matched perfectly and I did another happy dance. There was much rejoycing.

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