preserving spring

Kirsten is one of my favorite people. Just having some things in common with her, I know that I am cooler and more sophisticated than I would otherwise be. Cooler / sophisticated by association? thats right. Thank you Kirsten for having that effect on people. One thing we both love is the Springs Preserve. I was so excited to get an annual pass for 50% off and today was the first of many “Springs Preserve Days.” If you haven’t been you should go. Even if you don’t live here. Even if you hate everything about the desert. Ok maybe not if you hate the desert. I’m a freak and I love the desert and so this is one of my favorite places. Btw, I discovered that Joshua trees are my favorite kind of tree. Moment of self-discovery…check. Babies covered in sand passed out in cribs…check. 5-year-old having achieved new records in climbing height…check. Today was a very good day.

I love baby feet. especially bare and sandy.

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