The Time Machine

Ready for an awesome book review? One that will expound the deeper metaphysical themes that H.G. Wells was to outline in his ground breaking science fiction classic? A book review to make you ponder humanity itself and the very nature of our souls? Yeah, this is not that book review. I’m tired. I did however love this book. It is interesting to step back from the story and appreciate the beautiful skill with which he used words to paint a picture in my head. He painted simply and without the trite-ness that seems to go along with even the best pop fiction. Most of my favorite authors (C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Nix, L’Engle [bit of a fantasy/sci fi nerd, I know]) do this, and I appreciate it because it allows me to make it real in my own head. Not enough description and I don’t know what they are saying to me. Too much and I have to try to see what they see and it doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. H.G. Wells hit that balance. The story was very thought provoking as it does raise questions about the nature of man and man’s purpose. It brought up thoughts I had had while reading “Unbroken” about man’s relationship with hardship. Highly recommend it, and as it is only about 115  pages long, you have no excuse.


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5 responses to “The Time Machine

  1. Do you have a favorite film adaptation of The Time Machine? Have you read his The Invisible Man? It’s almost as good….

    • crochetdragon5

      I’ve only seen the latest one (2002, with Guy Pearce) which I thought was an insult to the book, the author, and the genre. not a fan. I would love to see an adaptation that actually told the same story. I have not read “The Invisible Man” but after “Time machine” it is now high on my list. Do you have any films to reccomend?

  2. Yeah, watch the 1960 adaptation — is it great? probably not…. Is it a lot of fun and closer to the book, yes… Here’s the imdb link.

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