i. love. pumpkins.

And that is because of The Pumpkin Patch and Live Oak Canyon. It’s nice to be related to the owners and to get free pumpkins (thanks Greg and Willie!) but we would totally go even if we were just one of the hundreds of families that makes this place a tradition. It’s amazing. The best part was watching my babies make memories and I love that Garyn will ask me weekly for the next 11 months if it’s time to go back.

So pumpkins. I don’t know what it is but they just make me happy. I love the different varieties and how a pumpkin just slams home that it is fall and you really should have a cup of cider in your hand. Go get one….seriously…right now. Not to mention baked pumpkin goods rank really high in my all time top “I would eat this ’till I died” list of desserts. We got some to carve but mostly I’m going to have pumpkin goo in my freezer for the next year. [glee!]

Ok I’m not one to publically gush about my husband but he’s a stud and is such a great dad I can’t help it. He really made my weekend.

Grandma and Grandpa Ballard drove with us and it is always interesting to me how fun it is to just sit and chat with them. Just because I remember being a kid, rolling my eyes and vowing that I would never ever be so boring as to enjoying sitting and talking. that vow? epic fail.

There is something about traditions fall traditions fall traditions that involve pumpkins, that makes me sigh and smile and stop to look around just a few minutes more. Anything that makes you stop for a few minutes and look around…is magic.






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