Halloween: The Musical

Ok not really. People didn’t spontaneously burst into song, but it was quite a production this year. And at the end I stood up, cheered and applauded, and was throughly glad to be done. 4 events, one of which was a massive sweet 16 party, 5 costumes and lots of pumpkins. Good times were indeed had by all.

Crazyness incarnate—> Baylie’s Sweet 16 Halloween Birthday Party

We went to the Springs Preserve Harvest Festival:

There was a very awesome Halloween Party:

And of course the night itself:

sorry for all the pictures…but like I said it was quite a show. Oh right and I said there were pumpkins…here they are:

couldn’t resist. Neil did a great “jobs” (yeah ok we are nerds)

Mine. the bottom was going bad so I cut out all the bad part for a huge mouth…not too bad.

Garyn drew a 5 inch square face on a 300 square inch pumpkin. But he was adamant that it didn’t need to be bigger so Neil was a much better parent than I, and carved it for him exactely as drawn. Naomi colored all over her baby pumpkin with pink marker. Shocker.

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