Thomas the Train

So when your five-year old consistently insists for 4 months straight that he will be a ____ for Halloween, you kind of don’t get a choice in the matter. My five-year old will be a, and I quote, “card board box Thomas.” I said, “Sure”, gracefully accepting that the days of my choosing his costume were over and I got to work. About part way in to this behemoth project, my sweet son informed me that “Thomas only has one light in the front and the other circles are his stickers well no they are really suction cups and he has some in the back too and the silver connectors on the sides of the wheels need to stick to all three wheels.” oh. well then.  At least with Thomas and Co. there isn’t a whole lot to the canon of plot lines and train designs. It’s a simple world on the Island of Sodor. He did just seal the deal on never seeing Star Wars. EVER. I don’t know if I could handle my son telling me I had the wrong wire colors on his C-3PO costume, or incorrect number of ammo rounds on Chewbacca’s bandolier. Just saying.

It actually wasn’t so bad to make the train and he was thrilled with the finished product. I will admit I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out also. The attention he got at the trunk-or-treat was well worth the effort.

Please note the correct placement of the light and respective suckers. Thank you.

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