mom moment

“Total Mom Moment” warning. MY BABIES ARE SOOOO BIG NOW!!!! ok I’m back, we’re good, rightcheckrogergotit. yeah, ok no it was really weird, but seriously my babies are all being big and grown up. Case in point. Garyn today informed me that he would be brushing his teeth. Then he did everything: got the stool, got his brush, did the toothpaste, brushed, and rinsed. All by himself. This was after making himself a PB&J sandwich with no help. It is awesome and really weird that my little boy is really learning to be independant. I’m all for it, mind you, it was just an interesting reminder to savor each moment with him along the way. [bad picture but it was too cute to pass up]{and before you wonder, he brushes his teeth everyday (twice in fact). Today it just hit me…probably because it was the first time I didn’t tell him too}

Then little Miss “I’m big too and therefore know everything about everything” decided that she does not need naps anymore. Right. Let’s all have a moment of silence for how much this sucks. Mostly for me, the mother, who now gets to make a choice everyday… Fight and threaten and laugh behind my hand at the clothes she put on when she should have been taking a nap trying to get her to sleep OR give up and end up with this….(preceded by lots of screaming and just plain crankyness and followed by being up until 10pm).

At her seat before dinner. I took a picture and then gave up and put her on the couch.

Last we have the other Miss “I’m so big now.” At least she isn’t a snot about the whole growing up thing. In fact she is all smiles and giggles. Her wonderful Physical Therapist says she looks excellent and making amazing progress. We think she’s pretty awesome too, especially now that she totally rocks the shopping trip.

  “Yeah I shop. Thats right.”


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2 responses to “mom moment

  1. Trini Key

    Oh my gosh Lindsey, Your babies are growing up. They are all so cute!!

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