this rocked my world

I love fall. This fall has proven to be more spectacular than usual due to a few things: probably most importantly, we have a newest addition and it is her first fall. Less importantly (but still almost as awesome) we have an ice cream maker. Gone are the days of leaky wooden tubs and rock-salty water. Oh yes. We can now have homemade  ice cream in about 20 min with no mess and very little fuss. So it’s a good thing I’ve upped running a bit and Husband-o-mine is working out alot. Anyways we have done several varieties but a few nights ago we won. Total winning was had by us. Pumpkin Pie Icecream. Pumpkin Ice Cream with a healthy dollop of cool-whip (or whip cream if you are a foodie purist) and crunched up grahm crackers (or chopped candied nuts if you are still a foodie purist). It did bad bad things to my ability to fit into my jeans but it was so worth it. see? —–>

Little man can clean a dasher like a pro. And Little girl is learning quick.

Recipe found here:


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2 responses to “this rocked my world

  1. Jamie

    Lindsey, it’s official. We are soul mates. I’ve been trying to concoct the perfect pumpkin smoothie for about a year now. To no avail. I must dust off our ice cream maker and try out this recipe.

    • I’m so glad we can bond over pumpkin. And yeah we are total soul mates…I mean we both married spanish speaking pirates with attention deficit disorder and need a white board to diagram our families. thats it…arranged marriages are coming back! noah and naomi, so that we can be related for real!

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