sit down restaurants and stuff you to the gills buffets…

Thanksgiving is awesome. Duh, yes and? Well in our house the yearly rotation works out like this: one year here with my mom and sisters and grandparents and one dad, the next up in St. George with my other Dad and a whole mess of cousins and aunts and uncles and a wonderful great grandma. I wish there there was another set of Parents and cousins and family in the rotation, but their being across the country makes it a bit more complicated. Our 2 common Thanksgiving Experiences are totally different but totally perfect. Mom’s house is like a sit down restaurant. We spend the day cooking, clean up, set the table with nice plates and flatware, then go dress up and get ready. Dinner is served on pretty servingware (ok, when I grow up I want to have pretty servingware.) Lots of fun, laughing and…it’s special and just a bit fancy. Thanksgiving up in St. George is like an all you can eat buffet. Rather it’s a weekend marathon of events and traditions with dinner thrown in there somewhere. Starts off with tyedying (or this year “bleaching”) shirts, other crafts, and dinner prep. Thanksgiving day starts with a massive football game out at the sand dunes to really work up an appeite (so awesome that Garyn is old/big enough to play). Then race back to shower, change, and shuttle food to the clubhouse. Dinner is buffet style, eaten and enjoyed on a massive conglomeration of folding tables and chairs. But the real highlight of the day is Bingo and “minute to win it”. Early the next morning the girls go Black Friday shopping then we trade off kids and the boys go paintballing. The rest of the day we snack on left overs, watch movies and try to take over the world…literally. A big game of Risk happens one of these nights and some day I’ll be able to sit down and beat my cousins husband. Someday. See? A veritable marathon of holiday goodness. This year we got to go to the Buffet. It was great and we had soooo much fun. I love each type of experience and am glad my kids get to do both. Because there are places in this world for both sit down restaurants and stuff you to the gills buffets, and anyone who says other wise is missing out.

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