I love Mondays!

Well the Monday after Thanksgiving anyways. Thats when we can officially put up the tree and breakout the decorations. This year we have moved beyond 2 non-helpful helpers to one helper who can actually do stuff and one who screeches when I don’t let her do something all by herself (even if that something almost breaks my favorite ornament). The tree has been decorated and redecorated (including the addition of an angel with a blue-green face and hands…thank you son) and the cats have made it up as far as the third branch from the top (no wonder I find the star on the ground every morning). Let the games (I mean Season) begin!

why do kids change their camera smile every few months? I miss the eyes squinched shut cheesy grin. Not digging this new closed mouth disappearing lips half-smile…sigh.

Layna’s smile is much more my prefered style.

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One response to “I love Mondays!

  1. Neil

    I completely agree on the smiles. I think Garyn’s finally settled into a decent one, though. There may be hope for Naomi yet!

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