This post is a tribute to pack-rat mothers everywhere. From the grateful recipient of a treasure (you never know if you’ll need it later!) that was kept in the hopes that someday a child/grandchild would be feeling nostalgic and appreciate it (it has sentimental value!)…many thanks. My Mom took pictures of the one thing I remember fondly from highschool, My Room. Then she saved them for 7+ years on her computer. Digital packratedness happens too and, Mom, I will never complain about the speed of your computer again. It is housing awesomeness and that is worth a huge speed handicap. She e-mailed them to me and I had so much fun showing my husband how random I was-I-mean-am. Thank you Moms who save everything related to your children. We do appreciate it and are so glad to be taken back to earlier days. Now Mom feel free to delete these from your computer and reclaim your hard drive space…I’ll take it from here.


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