Christmas in the desert…

Random events leading up to Christmas have made me realize a few things:

Grandpas are awesome! knew this already but nothing like a major holiday to highlight it again.

you actually can have amazingly cool holiday pictures that are un-scripted and un-posed. It’s true, I swear!

Saguaro Cactuses decked out in Christmas lights make me grin like an idiot. I love living in the desert. Oh and a side note tangential corollary to this is that I love that my babies can all go out in hoodies and flip-flops this time of year and not freeze. I love living in the desert!

This girl (and every other baby on the planet) has a major crush on Christmas lights.

 sorry for the dark picture…

My kids love ponies! fake antlers and Christmas lights make them even cooler.

Free sugar cookies and gynormous bouncy slides that require socks but I’m a bad mom and didn’t insist that Garyn wear them and so he had to borrow Neil’s since he was the only one wearing any and they came up to Garyns knees but who cares he got to go down twice. Need I say more?

More Christmas fun to come…and yes I’ll be posting well into Janurary to catch up on all the Christmas awesomeness that we have had at our house this year!

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