Merry Christmas

It was great. Like every year since becoming a mom, I got to sit on the couch for a few minutes (about 6 hours before the above photo was taken) and just breathe. It was great. This was a very different year for sure –plus one baby and minus one dad– but it was everything Christmas should be. Running non-stop since the end of October, I really struggled on Christmas Eve to not beat myself up about all the stuff I wanted to do but didn’t get to. Like making everything more Christ centered. I mean besides playing with a nativity puzzle and what ever else they got in church, focusing on the Saviour was an epic fail this year. Then my husband reminded me that they won’t remeber this year anyways and I have about 2 more years to get my act together. Ok so I added that last part, but I think I fell in love with him a little bit more for giving me permission to let go.

My favorite pictures from Christmas Eve. I’ve decided that my sisters are not allowed to move out…ever. Hear that, Brenna? They really add magic to the night and I appreciate them for that and I’m not ready for them to leave any time soon. Neil read the first book in “The Hunger Games” series over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (which is why he was on the computer), and he finished before me (I only listen to them when I run) then he totally misled me on the ending (turns out Peeta DOESN’T die) and I wanted to clobber him. ok I’m over it now but still! Grrr! Anyways.


I love that they both have wheels now! Naomi was mad that her darn back wheel would not stay on the darn sidewalk. Garyn looked like a little man in his new jeans and rubber toe tennis shoes riding his big ole bike. [sniff] so grown up! and he did good getting used to his bike.  Can’t wait to hit the park and end up walking Nay’s trike back while pushing the stroller and probably carrying her. Yes, I’m a realist and Yes, I am really looking forward to that.

These pictures sum up her Christmas. Lots’s of jumping in her squeeky shoes alternated with snuggling in her new fairy blanket. The beanie, however, was stripped off as soon as I’d let her.

This one had a good time too. Lots to build. Luckily. his other presents didn’t last so long. He finished this book and the two others he got by Monday morning, and the entire bottle of new strawberry scented Lightning McQueen Shampoo was used in one bath. Turns out we never explained the difference between shampoo and body wash, nor how much of each you are supposed to use. huh. yeah. Lessons learned all around.

As for us… well my morning hair really says it all.



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