I went running on Saturday expecting to push myself and maybe do 10 miles total. This is what I saw when I got onto the street.

I promise the moon looked much cooler and bigger and brighter and more yellow.  You’ll just have to take my word for it. Anyways I planned on doing 10 miles total. Met my friend we started going and talking and I told her where I was thinking we could go. She pointed out a small problem. The route I planned went right next to a pig farm. Might be doable in the winter (she said that it was impossible in the summer and I believe her completely) but we both decided not to sacrifice our noses. Oh and my friend is a bit more hardcore than I am as a runner. She is also tricksy. I was feeling good, totally good trusting her more extensive knowledge of the neihborhood, and off we went. Turns out she slipped in a few miles. Like 3.5. Which means that by the time I got home I had run a half marathon. I RAN A HALF MARATHON! And I totally didn’t mean to. Not only that but my time wasn’t completely pathetic.  WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! sorry. My knees and ankles have been screaming at me for the last day and a half, but I officially have no excuses to back out of a real half marathon race. March 17th doing it for real.


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  1. {from Jordan} Linds, you’re amazing! Jen and I ran a half marathon right before we got married in Charlottesville, VA. Gorgeous place. Lots of hills. Never doing that again 🙂 About at mile 3, Jen said, “If I ever want to run a marathon, don’t believe me.” Fast forward to the finish line, and Jen says, “That was awesome, I think I want to do a marathon.” And I said heck to the no. I didn’t know you were a runner! We’ll be in Las Vegas right after the race. Can’t wait to see you and finally meet Baby Layna.

    • Thanks! I didn’t know that you guys run. I started last april-ish and finally decided that I love it. Neil and I are going to do an official Half on St. Patricks Day and I’m really excited…don’t know that it will make me want to do a full marathon, but we’ll see. So excited you guys are coming! can’t wait me meet miss adelaide, she is so stinkin cute and don’t you love how they start to get personality so soon? its awesome. have a great week!

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