The Hunger Games

I am a snob. I can be self righteous, condescending, and well snobby. Especially about books. For example, had I not read the first two books in the Twilight Series before they were The Twilight Series, I would not have read them. As it is, I didn’t read the last one (I thought the story was nicely resolved after Eclipse and felt no need to continue) and it is a source of personal (albeit snobby) pride that I haven’t seen any of the movies. The Hunger Games was evoking the same response. My sisters raved about it and I thought, “Great. Another teenage romance set in a dystopia. Angst, here we come.” Then I met Jamie. Brilliant and an English teacher to boot.

She more or less had me sold, but then she mentioned a t-shirt that made me giggle. It said “Katnis could kick Bella’s trash” and I knew my snobby resistance was done.

It started out being my motivation as I ran. I listened to it on my Zune (the reader was unbearably slow and so Neil worked some computer magic and sped it up about 40%, understandable but much faster, obviously). Then it wasn’t enough to just listen. Neil started reading them and making weird faces that he wouldn’t explain because it would ruin it for me and so I just started reading them and finished in a few days.

I loved that the first one was simple and straight forward. I love that the third one was crazy complicated with plot twists and totally unexpected deaths (little duck anyone?) The second was a nice blend. Because the first question my sisters asked was basically “team Peeta or team Gale?” I’ll answer that question. I liked Peeta better and I agree with Katnis’ choice for the reason she gave. And I loved loved, loved that Peeta chose to be with her after he lost all his twitterpation. I think it would have meant less had he not had such a rude awakening that forced him to know all of her, good, bad and sometimes a bit ugly.

Overall I loved the depth and the physchology. The writing was very good and the characters real and more than just archetypes. Probably won’t read this series again though. It was graphic and disturbing and didn’t have a happy ending. Not that I would have believed a happy ending, the ending was right and well done. I just really like me a happy ending. Now I get the hype, and yes I might just break my “no crazy crowded midnight premiers…no movie is worth that” rule and sport a Katnis vs. Bella shirt as I’m hearded like cattle amongst teenage girls and youngermiddleaged mothers on March 23rd. Maybe.


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2 responses to “The Hunger Games

  1. aurie

    Ill go with you to the midnight craziness sporting the katniss can kick bellas trash shirts. :o)

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