I Suppose I should say Chicken. We started with 6 but between the shipping and handling only one hatched. Oh well the kids have enjoyed every second of the process from putting them in the incubator to gallantly defending our chick from the “curious” cats.

Like I said, very interested in the whole process. Little man had of course read and re-read the instructions on the incubator and “managed” the whole process with tact and diplomacy…”you’re doing it WRONG Dad!”

About 10 pm 21 days later we were just getting ready for bed when we heard a distinct cheeping. Low and behold we had a chick. YAY! We shouldn’t have given the chick a name…because we won’t know gender for a few weeks, but meh. Her name is Rose.

This is the master plan in case you were wondering…and you were weren’t you? We know a guy who has horses, cows and some chickens of his own. So we are going to raise our chickens at our house until they are old enough to go to the real chicken coop, complete with working farm dog to keep them in line (Thanks Lilly!). In March a local feed store sells day old baby chicks so we will raise the one that we hatched then start over with 6 or so babies in March. Eventually we will be getting (hopefully) 2-3 dozen eggs a week from 6-10 hens. We will raise the roosters until they are 3-4 months and then we’ll eat them. So we told the kids all this including the eating part just so it’s not a shock and they can have time to process any feelings of sadness or conflict. yeah. Should have remembered that our kids are carnivores. Naomi straight up did a happy dance (think massive in the air fist pump) and said “yayayay yummy chicken!!! woohooo roast chicken” Should we be worried?


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2 responses to “Chickens

  1. Congratulations on the one chick! She/he is a cute one.

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