Winter Dance

Thank you Jamie, for recommending this perfect palate cleanser. I have been reading alot of feminine literature. Stuff written by women about women and the female experience. So on the whole very estrogen drenched. I needed a break, something written by a man about a man where the characters run around and beat things (or run dogs as it turned out). This was perfect.

Its not that I could realate to the author and this period in his life. He would go off for days with no responsibilities at all, just to experience life. I don’t even know what that would feel like. At one point he talked about it being so warm he just layed on his sled and sun bathed. Oh and it was maybe zero degrees! Yeah, I start to die about 30 degrees. Gary Paulsen is something of a masochist. On his first night run with his dogs, they attacked 6 skunks and he got sprayed by 5 of them. Sprayed like his clothes were dripping, and he was out again the next night. I shudder at a whiff of skunk smell on the freeway, and would have been done running dogs after that experience if not sooner. So no, I can’t relate to him. But I really respect him. I don’t respect him because he did something ridiculously hard. I repect him because he owned every minute of the whole experience. His ignorant rookie mistakes that almost killed him on several occasions. His addiction, that seemed as real as a crack addiction if not worse. His shameless love of the whole life of an Iditarod racer and that there were quite a few times where he never wanted to return to his wife and son. I want to own my life the way he did. Especially my mistakes. It’s been a while since I felt like a better, stronger person for having read a book. Thank you, crazy survivalist dog racer / author man. This was indeed perfect.

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