The Behemoth

We got a treadmill. And it is GYNORMOUS! We just came to realize that between two people wanting to run seriously (think at least 20 miles a week each) and babies who don’t sleep consistantly (think up 3-4 times a night), one of us waking up at 4:50am to run and then the other leaving right after so we both can be back and showered by seven…was not really a realistic plan. Thow in the reccomendation that Layna be on a treadmill 8 minutes a day (8 one-minute sessions) to help her walk sooner (remind me to tell you about the very cool study this is based on) and a treadmill was pretty much a forgone conclusion. Enter the Tax Return! Well, ok, we bought it before our tax return came in but when it does drop in our account we will be right back where we started plus one super rad beefy treadmill. And yes I said “rad.” It’s back now.

its a bit ridiculous

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