I figured that a good overview of Ancient Greece would definitely include the Olympics. And what better way to study that, than by having our very own! Togas for All! Javelin (2.5 foot pvc tube), discus (huge frisbee),  arm wrestling (because I wasn’t about to let four 5-year old go at it), a foot race, and we were going to do a chariot race but one of the chariots didn’t make it. Bicycle chains are mean like that. We had snacks of apples, pita bread and hummus, carrots, grape juice, and cheese. I explained that the Ancient Greeks ate goat cheese, and my friend really thought for a moment that I was awesome enough to procure goat cheese. It was plain old monterey jack, but Thanks Amanda for thinking that I am that dedicated to authenticity. Gold medals for everyone, and olive branches to the winners. It was so fun and I think it might need to be an annual thing even if it morphs into a regular field day, theme or no theme.


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2 responses to “Olympics!

  1. Cute pics. Mikey had fun. 🙂

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