Crayons and the Union Jack

Feburary we are studying the United Kingdom. I found an awesome tutorial for homemade crayons and I thought “Perfect! Valentines Day and the Union Jack! done and done.”  The silicone cupcake things are going to be retasked into sunflower petals for Layna’s first birthday cake, lest any of you think I am so holiday crazy that I have a set of cupcake things that can only be used once a year. Oh no. They will be multitasked. Ok, yeah, if I had space in my kitchen, I would be that holiday crazy.

Lots of work peeling and cutting and melting, but worth it to hear the excited, happy noises.

I promise that Little Girl does wear clothes…sometimes.

Very pretty Valentines, and just right for appreciating the Union Jack and it’s history. Happy Wednesday!

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