Garyn Wesley

So turns out that Garyn likes alot of stuff lately (lately…like he’s never had interests…right). Some of them have been a surprise, like who knew he loved football and half time shows? or Lightning McQueen sleeping bags? ok last one, not a surprise at all. The first is Garyn riveted by the last superbowl– [“Mom I want the Giants to win.” “Oh? How Come?” “well I really like Giants, they are super big!” “buahahahaha!!”] Second one is where he lived for a few days before I couldn’t take a sleeping bag on the floor anymore and banished it to his closet.


He loves trail mix, and expecially the nuts, because I had a brilliant mother moment and explained that nuts make you stronger. So whenever he is feeling like he could use a strength boost, he asks for trail mix. I’m sure the m&m’s don’t factor in at all.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how well he does with the chicken. I knew he would like it but he doesn’t get nervous when she pecks him or flaps around. He handles her like a champ.


Speaking of handling animals…This is Leader. And Ron (dead guy on Leader’s back). Not sure if Garyn realized that he wasn’t going to win this game. But he kept at it, and Leader likes him so it all worked out.

This interest is not a surprise at all. Big Machine + running = Garyn sold! He loves running on the treadmill (even if he loses interest after 5 min) and is always asking if he can run. Also… running + toga = Olympic Champion! Garyn won the foot race event at our olympic games and proudly showed off his olive branch.


But overall his major passions are still reading and building stuff, so I can’t complain. I really love my little man…

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