Leap Day randomness

and in no particular order:

My morning run made possible by these gentlemen. Great running music, and deffinately the favorite of the week.

Fat baby feet stuffed into cute baby shoes to do treadmill work at Physical Therapy. And baby pig tails. Enough said.

Whole foods trip to stock up for future dehydrator adventures (yes I’m an unashamed hippie and yes I’ll be blogging about my new toy when it gets here). As cool as it is to buy buckwheat in bulk (it IS cool and no I don’t need to get out more, why do you ask?), it is way better to discover something revolutionary in the world of cookies. White chocolate chips, dried strawberries, AND milk chocolate covered strawberries. BAM! because why wouldn’t you throw all that into a cookie? ZING! KAPOW! (for good measure)

You know you are a red neck need to do laundry when you wear these socks to Physical Therapy. Where, by the way, little girl is making strides putting weight on her feet and working on moving herself all over the place via crawling and standing and rolling and sitting up (then rolling forward through a full split to get on her belly…sigh). She is doing really well….more on that later.

Last Greek Timeline day. Greek theater complete with Masks of Comedy and Tragedy. Nay looks tragic doesn’t she?

Happy Wednesday! Happy Leap Day! Happy Random Day! Happy…um. yeah.

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