death is a jerk.

stupid death. stupid cat. stupid cat dying.

Stupid baby-loving warm cuddly cat.

Sam died on Sunday. I’m handling it calmly and maturely as you can tell. right. I guess it’s just feeling such a weird combination of emotions. I miss him and I’m annoyed at him. I’m sad that he had such a weird, gross death and I’m mad at the sudden “I totally don’t know what you do with a dead pet” learning experience (for the record, I don’t do anything. That would be my awesome husband). And because I know you are morbidly curious about weird and gross…here goes. We got home from church Sunday and I was putting clothes in the kids closet. I look up and saw him in a clear plastic bin that had baby clothes in it. He was bleeding from his nose and his eyes and from what we can tell (thank you internet) he had been dead a few hours. Our theory is that something happened that caused him to bleed internally and he went to his favorite spot to die. Stupid cat. Stupid cat making me cry. Anyways.

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