Layna Dawn

I’d like to say that I planned my posts with enough foresight such that Layna’s post happened on her birthday. I am not that cool. But it happily worked out that today is her first birthday and I just so happen to have some great pictures. Birthday festivities will be up in a few days.

This is from a baby shoot when she was two weeks old and one of my favorites of all time.

She is a bit chunkier now. Getting ready for church is certainly not a good reason to wake up from a really good nap.


But when she isn’t sleeping, she is a professional sitter upper (whether at the park or in the bath). She is a really chill baby, happy to be anywhere really, unless of course she is hungry…in which case she goes from happy to melt down in 2.7 seconds. Well that’s not entirely accurate. If something makes her sad she goes into pout-face mode first. It takes a lot of energy to get a pout face that epic, so usually by the time she does the full-out pout, she feels better and never makes it to crying. (This one is good but her full-out pout faces are much more tragic)

Layna enjoys the house hold pets, her hands and feet, long walks on the beach and smiling so big she has to giggle because her face can’t handle a smile that huge.

Overall it’s been an interesting year, as I’m sure you’d expect. I still have days where I think Down Syndrome sucks and I kind of wish she didn’t have it. Those days are fewer and easier to ignore because everyday she is more Layna and less “baby with Down Syndrome.” Health wise she is doing well. She is on a thyroid medication to correct a slightly high hormone level and we are still working with her cardiologist, monitoring a valve in her heart that needs to close. Her next ophthalmologist appointment is on Tuesday and we will figure out when she needs to get glasses (between her dad’s vision and the down syndrome it’s a forgone conclusion that she will have glasses…we are pretty excited because, how stinking cute, right?). She has a tooth poking through (bottom front left) and is sporting an early birthday present to help with the teething pain…an amber teething necklace. Seems to be helping, and even if it’s not it’s really pretty. She is sitting up, working on a method of floor transportation, and really digging the treadmill work. We feel very honored to have this little girl in our family and here’s to another crazy awesome year!


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4 responses to “Layna Dawn

  1. aurie

    Love that adorable girl. She always makes me smile. Totally want to squeeze and kiss her all at the same time. :0) happy birthday layna

  2. I love your family so much, Lindsay and God’s plan to give Layna to you is perfect. That pouty face IS pretty remarkable! Happy Birthday Layna! ((((hugs))))

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