Happy First Birthday!


I hate you, Birthday!  …………  Just kidding! Birthday’s are my Favorite!

So yes that about sums up Layna’s Birthday. But in case you were wondering, here is everything that happened in between the two above pictures.


Add to my list of “things that make me say meep” : stupid cupcakes that don’t know they are supposed to be fool-proof since they came from a box. Seriously?! It’s not like I tried out a funky healthy vegan chocolate cake recipe with a half cup of baking powder! (Which is something I would do and have done) But no, these still bubbled over the edge of the silicone liners and were horrible looking. At least it was all slathered in frosting (by the way, adding almond extract to frosting is my new favorite thing ever.) It turned out ok and ultimately didn’t matter at all as it was chocolate cake and frosting.

Stealthy in-church picture. I know, I know. Against etiquette but I couldn’t help it and it was her birthday.


Gearing up for presents with one crazy excited helper and Garyn and Naomi.


She did well with the paper and warding off her brother. Both are skills that will serve her well. Naomi snatched the teething toys and didn’t care about anything that happened after.

[playing action shot]

This is why it didn’t matter what the cake looked like. Little Little girl knows what a chocolate cake is for.

It was a great birthday. It was really low-key because to be honest it was a rough day. My friend has a little girl about three weeks older, and while it is easy to not compare them (I don’t do that with any of my kids) it was hard to watch this other little girl and add stuff to my mental list of things that Layna will need to learn. Most of it she will pick up eventually, but I’m not sure how much we will need to teach her (read intensive work in therapy) or that she’ll just get like any kid. So it was rough because I was reminded of some very big things… her purpose in life,  my purpose and role as her mother, balance in my life. Big things that do no jive with my need to plan and recent frustration at not being able to control everything. But then she pout-faced and grinned so big her eyes disappeared. And everything was ok again.


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One response to “Happy First Birthday!

  1. aurie

    I could seriously squeeze her. Man I love that kid she is just a doll and has some seriously epic faces. :O)

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