The Smith Center

It is kind of cool that I can add the new (and only) performing arts center to the list of stuff Neil has worked on in a big way. His company was called in to do consulting work on The Smith Center’s networking and behind the scenes software. To sum up, the software sucked because no one knew how to use it properly and it has some other issues, then Neil came in and figured it out and taught the staff and fixed some stuff and they love him and happy dances were danced by all. And he got free tickets to the “thanks to our employees and the people who built this place” concert with Randy Travis. Not necessarily a huge fan, but he was super entertaining and it was really fun. Hopefully more free shows are in our future (Wicked anyone?)

Big main lobby and the maze of tunnels in the basement. Neil took me to the building next door to see the dance theatre…

Very cool theatre very weird smile for me.

Up in the balcony on the fifth level, stealthily taking pictures before the usher could glare at me. Again.

Randy Travis! And you can’t see it, but there was a super drunk cowboy about 2 levels down from us and just to the left that had to be removed because he was a safety risk. He almost fell off the balcony a few times in his inebriated exuberance. I’m not going to lie, he was almost more entertaining than Mr. Travis.

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