It is my hypothesis that in addition to all the other weird stuff about toddlers, most have un-diagnosed narcolepsy. Well at least mine does. She falls asleep pretty much anywhere and in any position. See exhibit A:


Lately her narcolepsy has routinely struck after about an hour of fighting me on taking a nap. Her body decides that I was right after all and just shuts down. Some times under a laundry basket.

No Really.

Other Examples include:

Wrapped around the trampoline.

With her fairy skirt, princess cape, and Ariel mermaid tail. It had been a busy day.

After kicking the life out of her closet door.

I’m not sure if this phenomena is limited to toddlers. This is Garyn wrapped super tight under his snowman blanket. Because I’m a good mom I tried to take the blanket off his head (after I took a picture of course) so he could be more comfortable. He gave me a half asleep evil death glare then proceeded to re-wrap his head even tighter. Huh. Ok. So yes, thus concludes the photo documentation of my kids and their bizzare sleeping habits.

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  1. denisethinks

    I love this! I don’t think this is isolated to your family, either. I have a whole photo album of the funny places and positions Genny has fallen asleep in. It has always just cracked me up. Kids are just too funny!

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