t-ball mom

Little man started t-ball a few weeks ago. I can’t decide if I love it more than soccer. There are quite a few similarities…when the ball is hit and becomes fair game 3-6 kids dog pile it (just like in soccer). Coaches run side by side with the players making sure they go in the right direction (just like soccer). Garyn is really just happy to be there and run around, pausing every now and then to contemplate the universe more or less oblivious to the game (just like soccer). It’s pretty great. But with t-ball he has a glove to chew on should things out on second base become really boring. So there is that.

Neil is coaching Garyn’s team and is doing a really good job. Several parents and our good friend who coaches also have said that he is a natural, and I agree. Noah and Neil really do make a great team. And hey, with all the running between bases he gets his Thursday run in everyweek!

This little girl is happy to be anywhere as long as she has food and can wander and do her own thing. Pretty standard. Its fun to watch her play with the other younger siblings of the team and get her bossy, nuturing, big sister thing on.

speaking of happy to be anywhere…

Garyn is doing great though. Little kid t-ball games are all about batting. Being in the field is really just a break between batting turns. I kind of love that the sucess and enjoyability of each game hinges on whether or not he gets to wear the red batting helmet and how many times he gets to wear it. Not really a competitive bone in his body.

You can’t really see it but my Grandpa turns into a marshmellow where his grandaughters are concerend. I should know. Naomi loved walking around with him and was chatting away at him. Good times were indeed had by all.

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