More chickens

Do you know how fast a cute ball of fluff chick turns in to a for real chicken? We know now. Rose quickly out grew her cage so Neil rigged up a very cool light-weight chicken run out of PVC, zip ties, and chicken netting. But we had to improvise on the coop because our gargantuan chicken took us by surprise. Improvisation = 5 gallon bucket. Don’t call PETA, I swear we meant to do more and it only took us a week and a thunderstorm to really get on it. Neil thought about it and designed a simple, efficient coop (that I will be painting with reckless abandon when life settles…think hippie flowers — big and lots of them). Which is good because we needed her to stay outside permanantly as her cage has new occupants.

Huge chicken in her chicken run…


My handy men building the coop. An inside view.

Daisy (the yellow Leghorn), Lilly (the black Barred Rock), and Tulip (brown Americana). Rose is the same(ish) breed as Tulip and we thought we’d try some other breeds just for fun. Daisy will be a white egg laying machine, Lilly will be a fairly good producer of brown eggs, and Tulip will be an ok producer but her eggs could range anywhere from pink to green. The county fair is the weekend we move and we are kicking around the idea of building a whole other run/coop for some meat birds. I mean Naomi just about did a happy dance when we told her we are going to eat Rose someday, so we know she is on board with that decision.

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