Mirror, Mirror

Because I should be packing my kitchen.  Because I can’t take the smell of packing tape anymore. Because I’ve found yet another dead cockroach in my recently cleaned bathroom, I’m going to sit down and do one of five book reviews in my que.

This review and any review of a Gregory Maguire book must begin with this: “Gregory Maguire is dirty. Dirty, dirty dirty.” He is dirty to the point that you wonder what the point of that was. A squid? Really!? But on to the rest of the book.

I loved it. I loved that he used big words and didn’t care if I had to look them up. I loved that it was poetic enough that I had to re-read a few passages to make sure I was following the story right. I loved that he makes assertions that read as a subtle challenge, like he is forcing me to accept without question and keep reading. What? oh ok. we have dragons. no wait do we have dragons? But he is a skillful enough author that I’m not annoyed at him for doing that. I really loved that he took a very notorious family (the Borgias) from a period of time that is magical and dark and beautiful (The Italian Renaisance) and dropped a classic fairy tale right in the middle of it all. He also didn’t tell it straight. But he kept it familiar enough to be engaging on alot of different levels, nostalgia being one of them. I’m a little bit sad that the movie (at least what I can gather from the previews) will only share a title. I think this as a movie could be brilliant. It would probably have a  too limited audience appeal to ever be made into a movie but oh well. Julia Roberts as an evil queen will be pretty funny, if much more Disney-ified than Lucrezia Borgia. Also super excited to see Snow White and the Huntsman. Charlieze Theron will deffinately be the dark evil queen that I think is vital in a good Snow White re-telling. But I digress. To sum up Mirror, Mirror…READ IT!

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  1. Easily one of my favorite books ever. You summed it up best with the last line: best way to express to someone how awesome this book is would be simply to pass it to them and make them start reading.

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