“It’s kinda crackish.”

This is what Naomi observed and informed me of while dying eggs. “Mommy, your egg is… it’s kinda crackish,” said the girl who started dropping her eggs on purpose to hear them smack. Anyways. Here is my deep thought on the whole egg thing. With the advent of the internet and/or pintrest (I’m still resisting pintrest just so you know), the whole egg thing became both much cooler and sooooo much more intimidating. I’m so glad I have small children to remind me that it is ok to just dye the eggs. Like in only one color, two if you are getting crazy. And that the magic crayon trick, really is magic. It was nice to let go of my visions of egg Art (with a captial A) and let it be simple and fun.

The same simplified approach guided the choice of Easter outfits. Little man wore the tie from last year, little girl wore her favorite skirt and new, stinking cute sandals, and little little girl wore her big sister’s Easter dress from last year. They all looked adorable and I got to check one source of stress off my list. Win win.

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