Easter in the desert

I love the desert. I love the heat and sand and wind. I love the huge sky and stubby, prickly bushes that smell awesome in the rain. I love the rocks. And now I’ll stop waving my freak flag. Every year for the past 20 years (so weird that I’m now old enough to say that about anything) we have been going to Vally of Fire for Easter. We have gone to the same spot for 18 of those years. We eat a picnic lunch and then kids and dads go for a hike while moms help the Easter Bunny hide eggs. It’s kind of perfect. Also we take pictures. Really great pictures that are the only reason I don’t run and hide when cameras come out. Much.

We had the seats like this for the move. No more. I can’t take it.

This is going to be made big and hung up somewhere. It only took 57 tries to get all kids looking at the camera with semi-normal expressions (forget smiling). You know what I’m talking about.

Next face of Gap Kids?

Pretty much the cutest baby ever.

Looking away from the camera = good pictures.

Well except for this one. Also being made big and hung up somewhere. I kind of love this one alot.

Then there is that sweet husband guy. So glad I married such good stuff.

The Easter Bunny has very good taste in basket fillers. Each kid got a new Dr. Seuss book which were the favorite presents. They did like the candy and toys but the books were the favorite. Score! Perfect ending for a beautiful Easter.


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2 responses to “Easter in the desert

  1. Lena McArthur

    Darling pics! So glad I got to see you guys on my way home!

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