Did I tell you we have goats? Yeah. It’s pretty awesome! We decided with our new land availability, why not get goats. Actually here is how it was. This guy that Neil works with heard we were moving to a half-acre horse property and said he would give us a goat. Eh? To the Internet! (What did we do before the internet?  I don’t know either). So we researched and read and researched some more and are totally in love with goats. Seriously some of the coolest domesticated animals ever. Initially we wanted Kinders but the closet breeders are in California. We looked closer to home and stumbled upon Nigerian dwarfs. I could go on and on about how cool they are and I’m sure I will in a later post, but back to the story. We called a lady who had an add on craigs list and she put us in touch with the family she bought her goats from. One visit later, we were the proud owners of a milking doe (Frosty) and one of her little wethered boys, Pippin (Gandalf seemed a bit much), and a pregnant doe (Ginger) who is due in June. I love the breeders that we bought them from. Good people who love their animals and love my kids. How could I not be sold? So skip forward a few weeks when we were actually moved in and had their pen built and we went out to Logandale to pick them up. Logandale is a hour car ride away. Which means that we had 3 goats in our mini-van for an hour. Very interesting drive home and funny thing was that Frosty peed all over about 3 minutes from our house. Grrr. They are now settled in a bit and we are finally getting the hang of this whole milking thing. I’ll be doing a post about the milk and various uses (think Ice cream and yogurt and soap) soon.

Hay and straw bales. We figured the goats would get hungry. And the chickens needed the straw to do… um… chicken stuff.


Ginger is the tan one. She also decide that the drive home was the perfect time to establish dominance and so she headbutted Frosty a few times every five minutes or so. Kids thought it was great. Frosty is the black one on the right and Pippin is the little guy with his back to me. Sorry for the blurry picture, turns out it’s hard to take pictures with a phone in a moving van with freaked out goats. Who knew?

One goat peeing, one kid having an accident, and lots of goat pellets later, we made it home and got everyone in their pen. We now have 2 pens so that Pippin (the little turkey) will quit stealing our milk by nursing on his mama when he was supposed to be weaned 2 weeks ago.

Overall we love our goats and are looking forward to many more caprine adventures, of which I shall be blogging all along the way.


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2 responses to “Goats

  1. Jordan and I laughed out loud several times during the reading of this post 🙂 We love your goats and can’t wait until we can get back to Vegas to check them out in person!

    • It was one of those car rides where it was kind of so bad we couldn’t stop laughing either. If Neil decides to get a truck at some point, I’m not putting up much of a fight =) We are in this for the long haul so any time you guys come out your kids can get a mini farm experience =)

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