It is nice to know a guy who works in the concrete industry. It’s even better when he thinks my husband is brilliant, makes his life easier, and is a nice guy to boot. Also a plus when said guy is a total cowboy and so has lots of land, had his arm in a sling from shoulder surgery and so was bored out of his mind, and likes my kids. Neil told Ron about some aquaponics stuff we wanted to do after checking this out. Ron said that the concrete company had a tank lying around that no one wanted, and some plastic totes, and lots of gravel. He also said we could build it at his place. And we said done and done!

When he said tank what he really meant was a 10 foot diameter, 3000 gallon monster. So we figured that we needed to bury it a few feet down to help control water temperature and to make everything else workable. The grow beds will drain into this tank (which will be the fish tank) using gravity, so if the tank is five feet tall the grow beds have to be way up in the air which is no good. Burying it was the best option. Above you see our labor and our management.

Not sure which category this one falls into. Our conversation before I took the picture on the left went something like this: “Mommy this is my spot. I sit here and then I’ll build my own fish tank. It is pink.” Then, turning to Neil, “Daddy! My fish tank is pink! Do you love it? Is it beautiful?” He answered affirmative to both and then she played in the dirt the rest of the evening. Really love my girl.

Shovels are good. John Deere tractors are soooo much better. Especially when Ron’s dog, Lilly, drives.

Roll it, position it. Push it over.

It made the greatest noise when it fell over into the hole.

Sitting back admiring the handiwork. Layna did stroller yoga to celebrate phase one completion. A few miscellaneous things: we agreed that it would be the best red-neck swimming pool ever. If you bury your pets in the back yard, remember where you buried them. We accidentally uncovered a rottweiler skeleton from about 20 years ago. Garyn was thrilled to go and get his paleontologist on, not creeped out at all. I knew in his head it wasn’t a dog, it was an adolescent troodon  skull.

We really should decide what fish we will be raising in the tank. We’ve kicked around koi, but aren’t sure if we actually want to eat them or not. We also need to source some of the more exotic piping components, but are making progress on that front (might just buckle down and order online). More to come when we get the grow beds together and plumbing rigged up!


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  1. Such an interesting project!!

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