when projects fail…

I had in my head a brilliant idea. Somewhere between my head and the final resting place of the project, the project didn’t get the memo and failed me. My dad gave me this great bookcase that I wanted to use in the kids room. The brilliant idea: I’d paint it this cool greenish grayish bluish color then have white paint over it that was crackle finished, so you’d see the green underneath. Super vintagey cool right? Well I should have done more extensive research online and probably just bought crackle paint stuff, but rather I decided to wing it and meh. It looks fine and it is growing on me, but it is the letting go of the origional idea that is hard. So instead of aged crackle I got sloppy white wash, which still totally works for me, but meh. Anyways, next time I’ll read a bit more. Or not whine when it doesn’t work.

before greenish grayish blueish, and after.

After white wash coat and fun with hammers.

Finished, in place, and loaded up. Really the bookshelf is supposed to stand up vertically. Neil put two shelves in horizontally and used the others placed normally for supports. I really love it! And with all the books I’m the only one who would notice that I didn’t do this on purpose. I also did a table top the same way and my resident handiguy turned it into a kid table and is going to build benches to go with it. Most likely I will be terribly boring and paint the legs of the table and the benches white. No, not most likely. Definitely. Definitely going to be boring.

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