Goat milk?

haha…get it? Goat milk? I laughed. But yes goat milk is great and here is a quick run down of all my sucess stories with this marvelous alternative to cows and plants.

First you need to get the milk. Obviously. This is Frosty, she is our only milker but doing fairly well especially since we eliminated the theving problem. Ahem, Pippin. Neil got a milking machine and I was a bit skeptical at first. With a few adjustments Frosty is going great on it (helped that the breeder had been using a milker so she was totally used to it) and it’s much easier on Neil’s fingers. Nigerian Dawrfs are small, so no good way to get a classic hand grip, so she gets milked by fingers and/or machines. In June, after Ginger kids (yeah it’s a verb too), we will be milking two does. Right now we are getting about 2.2 lbs (1.5 quarts) or more of milk from Frosty everyday and I’m excited to see what Ginger can do.

Of course the first thing you do with milk of any sort is make ice cream. Or is that just us? I found the same recipe online several different places and honey is the sweetener. It was really good, but next time cutting way back on the honey. It is a different consistancy, probably a more appropriate name is ice milk. It is a bit icier and hard but very tasty. More experiements with this to follow if I can save enough milk to do it.

The picture on the right isn’t technically yogurt, it is clabbered milk (the start of butter milk) but they look the same and I forgot to get a good shot of the yogurt. Anyways. I have done 2 different batches of yogurt. One with store bought yogurt as the starter and one with a pure yogurt culture. The store bought one set up better but had a really strong goaty flavor so I put it in a jar with cheese cloth and drained it for yogurt cheese. Picture on the left is my new favorite lunch…mmmm…  The yogurt from the pure culture didn’t set up great (I fixed it in a later batch) but it tasted sooo much better. Very complex and yummy. The clabbered milk turned into the lightest fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever made. Again gone before a picture could happen. I plan on having buttermilk on hand all the time! Never know when you might need pancakes.

Soap! Like for real soap! It still has a few more weeks to cure but using this recipe it saponified beautifully. And that is my favorite new vocabulary word from this adventure. 18 bars is not a bad yield and I can’t wait to try it given how good it is supposed to be for your skin. We used orange essential oil but are going to be ordering online for our next batch as it is way way cheaper than Whole Foods. Next up is vanilla of some sort and maybe lavender. But it worked! and lye is not nearly as scary as I was thinking it would be.

My next project for the goat milk is cheese. To be honest I’m retrying a batch of soft chevre like cheese and it is being difficult. Like I wanted to throw the pot of milk at the wall difficult. Husbands are great for cleaning up massive messes before they happen. Cheese is not going to be easy and so as soon as I get a spectacular failure or sucess it will get it’s own post.

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