Pretties, Specials

This is going to be a two-in-one, because what would be the point of splitting them out? I’m glad you agree. Overall there were two things that I loved about these last two books. First was that he killed a major character. I’m going to assume that you don’t care about spoilers and proceed accordingly. I loved that ultimately Zane died. This was never meant to be about anyone other than Tally and I appreciate that he maintained the integrity of the story by not allowing it to become a love story. She doesn’t end up with David. She is cognizant of the fact that she is a really broken person and quite possibly incapable of real love. And the author allows her to remain broken, and at the same time she fully owns who she is, damaged goods and all. This leads me to the second thing I loved about the story. She chooses to stay a Special and quit being victimized.  It would be kind of awesome to be a Special and Tally isn’t ashamed to be that awesome. I kind of love books where the characters decide to embrace their own stories. That is inspirational to me, whether they embrace their own crazy hobby-turned-lifestyle or hilarious, random life, or that life is kind of messed up so you milk it for what you can. Overall it was really fun. It was good story (if a bit two dimentional) with decent writing (given the target audience), that ultimately had a few deeper themes and literary choices that made it worthwhile.

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