of cheese…

I was going to do this as a joint post with something else but I realized something. I made cheese. That is RAD! So it deserves its own post. Figured I should start with a basic soft cheese (have yet to have hubby build me a cheese press, but when he does…look out!) This recipe from Ricki Carroll’s book sounded promising, “soft goat cheese.” Yup exactly what I needed. The first attempt ended up edible and actually very tasty if a bit bland. The curds didn’t set because I don’t think I used enough rennet and I think the temperature was too low for it’s set period, so I started over and added a ton of rennet and some more enzymes just to see if I could get the curd to set. It did.

This is after it went through the whole process again…lovely curds and whey. I get that nursery rhyme now!!!

Scooped into a tofu mold because my husband is brilliant (and yes I have a tofu mold…shush.) All that yellowish creamy water is the whey. I used the whey from attempt #1 to cook rice and it was really good. The second attempt’s whey is going to be given to chickens tomorrow. Apparently they love it and it helps them get more protein, yay!

Let drain for a few hours and voila! It was a very mild chevre, but similar consistency to store-bought, if a bit dryer.

Thrown on a cracker, topped with homemade bread and butter pickles or just honey and it went from being good to “excuse me, can I get some privacy while I stuff my face? thank you.”

Next up was ricotta because all you do is heat it and add vinegar. Recipe was from the same book, which has turned out to be my favorite resource so far, I would recommend it.

In defense of my cheese, store-bought ricotta doesn’t look appetizing either. Mine ended up thicker and creamier but not goaty at all. And of course, what do you do with ricotta? You make lasagna! And if you are lazy like me you make it in a crock pot. And you make it with chorizo because you went grocery shopping at a mostly hispanic store and it was cheap and it’s still sausage right? well. yes. anyways. Turns out my laziness and lack of experience with chorizo was a sereindipitous twist because other than making it really greasy, it was soooo yummy.

This is the only picture I got because three hungry dancers can eat alot. You wouldn’t think so but yeah, don’t let those thin bodies fool you. And that goes for chocolate goat milk ice cream. No pictures but it was like a thick frosty from Wendy’s (which was perfect because it was a frosty from Frosty! buahahaha!). We used this recipe and the added cream really fixed the consistancy.  Good times are being had at our house {insert cutting cheese joke here}.

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