A home for Goaties

We figured out pretty quickly that our goats would be happier with more room and since we did in fact have a ton more room we thought they deserved to be happy. Plus with bouncing baby kids on the way very soon, we figured everyone would be better off. Plus Neil got to pull out his tools, buy some beefier power tools and learn some cool stuff about carpentry. However, I think these guys were the real winners though.

Popsicle on a stanchion? Yes Please! that’s the real reason it was built right?

Anyways, here is the site and a whole bunch of chain link fencing that Ron gave us. We had t-bars just lying in the yard from the guy who had horses here before we moved in so we had the fence all ready to go they just needed a better shelter.

Beautiful building assistants.

Handsome nail boy. And for the record everything can be done barefoot or in flip-flops. Including all things goat related (milking, framing their house, trimming hoofs…no wait that one ended in Neil getting stepped on and bleeding alot…nevermind).


Almost done and done (well minus the super cool sleeping bench that Neil put in later). Did you know that goats like sleeping on raised platforms? Well now you do.

As much of the yard as I could fit into one shot. The goats are happy, we are happy. Oh and you can’t see it but over to the right there are some railroad ties that Ron had lying around that they can climb on. Its awesome to see Pippin standing proud and majestic about 2 feet off the ground, and you know he is channeling his inner Himalayan Mountain Goat.

And of course the real reason why our neighbors won’t mind our roosters. Have you ever heard a peacock? They are ridicuouls loud! and they sound like a human moaning. Well sometimes one comes into our yard for a visit, and Garyn chases it around on his bike. Fun for both of them…I’m sure.

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