I haven’t done a post about what school is looking like these days. To be honest, life being what it is, school has been a bit haphazard. We still work on stuff (obviously) but I’m working hard at not stressing about a formal schedule and plan. It does help that my kids are very precocious and so there is no pressure for them to “catch up.” Sometimes Little Man’s higher reading ability is a actually a challenge, as his ability way outstrips his interest and emotional development (for example he could read books like Bridge to Terabithia, but wouldn’t be interested or mature enough to really grasp it). Anyways, I love the way we do history. We have a huge timeline in their room and everyweek (well…mostly) we have a timeline day where we cover a bit of history and put it on the timeline.

Each country or civilization has a color (Bible events = orange, Egypt = yellow, Rome = red, etc) Obviously we are missing a few things, but I figure when we do this again with Naomi, Garyn will just do the same things only much more in depth as he gets older. It is a very cool visual way to do History. Plus most other subjects are easily incorporated into History, for example when we did Noah and the flood it was really a huge math day. So now we are into Rome.

We talked about the founding legend for Rome and where it is located (see? Geography, check) and what it meant that it was a kingdom for about 200 years (civics, check). Then Garyn built his own town (engineering, check) and named it “Gara.” He came up with that all on his own after learning that Romulous, after he killed his brother Remus, named his new town “Roma” after himself.

 Next up the Roman Republic!

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