Allow me to introduce Terry. He is Garyn’s latest project and was born out of two sources of inspiration. Little man’s favorite book (this month anyways) is DinoTrux and his favorite dino in that book is T. Trux. Also the Springs Preserve has a cool art exhibit where the artist took a whole bunch of discarded metal and made all sorts of things from flowers to a rather frightening mermaid. So the last time we went I mentioned to Garyn that he could make his own sculpture and he got right on it.


He did most of it, minus the hot glueing and me helping with some of the trickier pipe cleaner work. And so you know, on his back is an engine and some exhaust pipes. He is a DinoTrux after all.

In the afternoons we have project meetings where he can tell me what projects he’d like to do and he works out a schedule for what needs to be done and I tell him what I can help him with that day. His previous project was a castle.

The blue on the bottom is the moat…

And in every stripe of moat there is an eel. To use Garyn’s exact words in explaining “The male eel is in the back, he’s the biggest. The females are on the sides and the baby is in front, he doesn’t need very much room.”

No castle would be complete without a fearsome dragon or damsel in distress.

But to truly have epic adventures, you need: a noble steed, his dashing brave master, and the strong and benevolent king. I can assure you that epic adventures have been happening at our house.

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