only once.

Something happend today that I will see only once in my life. It really isn’t a big deal but it was cool to be able to say “I did that, and I can never do it again.”

The little tiny black dot is Venus traversing the sun, and it won’t happen again until 2117. It really gave me that “wow, I’m really small” feeling, both because of the time lapse between this occurance and the next and because astronomy always does that to me. I like that I got to see something big and once in a life time. And get my geek on with a whole bunch of people in the parking lot of the community college. Garyn liked that he got to play tag with some friends and go inside a real observatory with a real telescope, even though I’m still not sure if he knew (really) what he was looking at. Naomi liked holding the spiffy sun gazing glasses that my friend brought and that it made the sun look like a shiny blue ball. Layna liked the dirt she managed to get in her mouth before I noticed. So all in all it was a good day all around, experiencing new things.

Speaking of new things. Our van is in the shop, which means we are driving Neil to and from work, which means yesterday we were picking him up from The Smith Center, which means it was the perfect time to take a tour with the kids. Neil has been there a while now, and is very good friends with the main IT guy. Angello thinks Neil is awesome and that our kids are super cute and so graciously offered to take us around.



The bottom left is Neil and Munchkins as high up as you can get. The bottom right picture is us sitting in the front row box seat at the last show we went to. It has to be the best seat in the house. Unfortunately us sitting there will most likely also be an only once event. I didn’t get pictures (bad blogger mommy) of the kids on the stage, sitting and marveling at the sheer vastness of the empty theatre. Its good for kids to feel small, and probably even better for adults to feel small. Maybe I need to look for more only once days for me and my kids….or maybe I should stop waxing philosophical and go kiss my babies good night. Yes probably that one.

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