It’s Here!

Summer won’t officially start until June 20th. But silly things like equinoxes and solstices don’t really hold sway in the desert, where we have already had 105+ degree days. It’s summer time and I have proof.

So! crazy hot temperatures, eh? We found this exploded and completely dry soda can in the back of our Accent.  Also splatters of stickiness on the back window. I believe it speaks for itself.

My kids have been progressively stripping off jammies every night for the past week. I figured it was time for new summer jams that wouldn’t require shucking off to make it through the night. Naomi’s night-gown has Tinkerbell on it. Please try to contain your shock and amazement. It will be replacing the princess night-gown that has been worn so much it is falling apart. Layna is showing off her splits in her cute monkey jammas from her birthday.

Also now that it is summer, a lot more playing will happen and less formal anything. Little man and his trios. Dude can make anything: drench gun (think really huge syringe for giving livestock medicine), a boat with more guns than surface area (he called it his “horny boat” and I had to tell my inner 12-year-old boy to shut up), and this viking helmet, sword, and huge shield (picture doesn’t do the shield justice). So glad I made the cape to complete the ensemble.

Greatest. Thing. Ever. Like I posted on Facebook, I want to hug the guy that first designed the plastic wading pool. He saved my summer.

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