Plant World

Is that not the most perfect name for a nursery? It is located on 8 acres in the middle of the city and is a very cool place to go and walk around with munchkins. It is shaded, has an impressive population of parrots and nursery cats (akin to junkyard dogs, only nicer) and huge tortosies…what more could you want from a nursery? plants? psssh. Who needs plants when you have a shelled creature bigger than you are?


This was Sully, our tour guide. He showed the kids all the birds and talked about where they came from and had them do tricks. Notice Garyn being well-behaved and deeply interested? Also notice Naomi running off to do her own thing with Noah as the willing conspirator? Yes, that about sums it up.

I know you’ve been in nurseries before but here is Plant World. Perfect for almost “melt-your-face-off hot” kind of days. Outside, but not really.

And there are wagons. Luckily we came with another family that has two older boys who happen to be very good sports and they pulled all the kids around. Happily, I might add.


I am glad that little man and little girl are good friends. They have a pretty solid working truce and for the most part don’t violate said truce. I have entered into the magical land of kids playing together independently of me. [blissful sigh].


Speaking of blissful serenity. Naomi loved just sitting on the edge of the turtle pond. This picture is just after I made her step back from the edge before she joined the turtles in the murky water. Garyn was a big fan of the African tortises. He could have watched them all day, fed them all day, and almost had his fingers bitten off all day. Layna was being a cranky face in her stroller or on my hip all morning. Then she crashed and slept in the stroller. I did take pictures of her all cute and sweaty and sleeping, but my camera disagrees with me on this point. Stupid phone camera.

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