Happy Father’s Day

Have you ever noticed how Dads make the best Grandpas? Divorce and marriage are complicated things, but the plus side for us is that out of them my kids ended up with 3 amazing men for their grandpas. In no order what so ever here are some things that I love about our dads.

 This is my dad-in-law. I love the way his eyes scrunch up when he laughs. The way he loves his cars and loves to drive. The way he cried when we watched “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The way he wears slippers around the house when it is cold and the way that he will still bring home ice cream cake when it’s cold. The way he brings home ice cream cake. I love the way he steal kisses from my mom-in-law when they think no one is paying attention. I love how he fusses over all my kids, but babies especially.

This is my Dad. I love listening to him sing. The way Big Sticks make me choke up and get all sentimental. The way I was never too young for a real explation of how something worked. The way you would belt out the main theme from “Oklahoma” to wake me up every summer. I love the way we are such good friends. I love that I know how to shoot a gun, drive stick shift (kindof), and have an appreciation for country music because of you. The way you helped me get through finding out my daughter has down syndrome. The way you love “wipe out” and thought provoking serious cinema all at the same time. The way you call me “Linseed.”

This is my Dad too. I love the way you write your letter “a”s, I write them the same way. I love the way you are an artist and made me realize I am one too. I love the way you would take us up to Red Rock with our corn nuts and gatorade. The way you put on your glasses to see better. The fact that I know James Brown, The Beatles, and all types of funky disco. I love the way you love the girls. The experiments that come out of your kitchen that you should write down but never will. The way you helped me come out of my horrible teenage years scarred but not too broken. I love the way you loved sci-fi movies.

And here is to my husband, almost six years into this dad thing and still making me smile every time he rocks it. I smile alot.

 He has been wanting a RC helicopter since before Christmas, but I made him wait and Garyn picked this one out. Then little man named it “Leo.” I don’t know either, but luckily his dad is a good sport. This morning we had cinnamon rolls (thanks Mom!) and flew Leo around, recharged him, flew him some more, etc. Then we went up to the mountains for a picnic.

Yeah, I’m with my dad. What up?

This guy single handedly keeps my world turning.

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One response to “Happy Father’s Day

  1. todd ferwerda

    thanks for the kind words. i cried.
    dad (todd)

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