random farm updates: chickens

And in case there was any doubt…it is officially now a farm. I think that happened when the rooster happened.

1) Here are our babies…grown into awkward, gangly teenagers. Flighty and headstrong too.


They were demanding their own room so my resident handyman built them this:


It has a really big run for them that Garyn will be improving. More on the jungle gym / shade thing little man is building for the chickens later. The roof also makes the perfect place to lay and watch stars. The few that we can see in this light polluted city.

2) We found our first eggs that our oldest chicken laid. One was torn up near the water bucket and the other was somewhere in the yard. I say torn up because the shell was just a bit thicker than paper. So we are switching her to layer feed, and will be giving them free choice oyster shells (yummy) to help thicken up the egg shells. But she is a big girl egg layer now! whoo hoo!

 Oddly enough I have been hearing about how awesome real fresh eggs are. Soon. Very Soon.

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